Website Speed Tuning

I have had to optimise this website.

Google Page Insights says that I am to slow, at least on mobile…

And since Core Web Vitalis will be ranking factor, I have decided to take action.

Before (on mobile):

Some time later (mobile and desktop):

If you want the same optimisation for your website, drop me a message.

Change the MAC address of a network card

I’ve recently hit a roadblock when I had to change the MAC address of my wetwork board on a Kali Linux computer. I have written the code below in a coding language called Python. It allows you to change your MAC address easily by running a simple command in the Terminal.

#!/usr/bin/env python

import subprocess
import optparse
import re

def get_arguments():
    parser = optparse.OptionParser()
    parser.add_option("-i", "--interface", dest="interface", help="Interface to change its MAC address")
    parser.add_option("-m", "--mac", dest="new_mac", help="New MAC address")
    (options, arguments) = parser.parse_args()
    if not options.interface:
        parser.error("[-] Please specify an interface, use --help for more info. ")
    elif not options.new_mac:
        parser.error("[-] Please specify a new mac, use --help for more info. ")
    return options

def change_mac(interface, new_mac):
    print("[+] Changing MAC address for " + interface + " to " + new_mac)["ifconfig", interface, "down"])["ifconfig", interface, "hw", "ether", new_mac])["ifconfig", interface, "up"])

def get_current_mac(interface):
    ifconfig_result = subprocess.check_output(["ifconfig", interface])
    mac_adress_search_result ="\w\w:\w\w:\w\w:\w\w:\w\w:\w\w", str(ifconfig_result))

    if mac_adress_search_result:
        print("[-] Could not read MAC address. ")

options = get_arguments()

current_mac = get_current_mac(options.interface)
print("Current MAC = " + str(current_mac))

change_mac(options.interface, options.new_mac)

current_mac = get_current_mac(options.interface)
if current_mac == options.new_mac:
    print("[+] MAC address was successfully changed to " + current_mac)
    print("[-] MAC address did not get changed. ")
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